help me team build (my first competitive team ever)

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im a newb so i need help

all i have decided is i want the following mons for my team and so i raised one here is the set

pinsir @ pinsirite
31 iv's in hp, atk, speed, def
252 atk evs/252 speed evs

swords dance, quick attack, earthquake, storm throw

ferrothorn @ Leftovers
31 ivs in hp, def, sp.def
252 hp evs/252 def evs
stealth rock, leech seed, thunder wave, gyro ball
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All I can say it get something that resists flying/fire, talonflame and mega charizard will take out those 2 quick if your not fast enough, try going for a rock type, as they resist both those types. I also advise to build around a certain pokemon, your team would probably build around pinsir so try to get a variety of pokemon that will help the main sweeper take out the enemy team.
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